Kim Jong Il’s Cinema Experience Film Kit

The Manifesto

Kim Jong-il was the Supreme Leader of North Korea from 1941 until his death in 2011 and was a massive film fan. He loved cinema so much that he made it his mission to modernise the way North Korea were making movies, adapting the techniques, genres and plots of the Hollywood movies he secretly watched.

Kim Jong-il saw cinema as a powerful ideological weapon, and executed correctly, believed films could inspire and unite an entire nation.

Taking what he had learnt from Hollywood movies, Kim Jong-il wrote two film instruction manuals, outlining the rules that every movie needed to follow. The books he penned are On The Art Of The Cinema (1973) and The Cinema And Directing (1987).

Following Kim Jong-il’s rules will help you create a perfect North Korean-style film.

The Film Kit

The following is a film kit for filmmakers interested in studying the filmmaking style of North Korean cinema during the reign of Kim Jong-il. It consists of assets provided by Unicorn Films and director Anna Broinowski. These assets include film clips from the North Korean films profiled in Anna’s documentary ‘Aim High In Creation’. Original music tracks have been produced in the style of North Korean soundtracks and we’ve also provided a helpful summary and analysis of Kim Jong-il’s Manifesto, written by Anna Broinowski.

In the Kim Jong-il’s Cinema Experience Film Kit, you will find the basic materials you need to create your own North Korean inspired propaganda film.  The elements included are:

  • Selected scenes from great North Korean films
  • Establishing shots of Pyongyang locations
  • Three North Korean inspired music tracks
  • A detailed outline of Kim Jong-il’s Manifesto

We now invite you to use the film material as an educational exercise, to create your own film in the style of Kim Jong-il. Your film can incorporate original material produced and created by you, and for educational purposes, the materials supplied by Unicorn Films in this package.

Some of the best results will be featured in the Kim Jong-il Cinema Experience gallery and may be subject to rewards.

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